The biggest cost in any cleaning operation is, of course, the cleaners themselves.  Instead of having a cleaner based at each toilet, why not use GCM CLeaning NI cleaners who have a mobile cleaner service in a van where they go from one block to the next.  Not only will this reduce the number of cleaners on your payroll, but it will also reduce the amount of equipment needed on site.

Organisms that can be harmful to health can survive on environmental surfaces. Viruses, in particular, can be excreted in large numbers in respiratory secretions and stools and can stay on surfaces for hours and days. Personal hand washing and hygienic toilet and hand washing facilities are vital to prevent the person-to-person spread of infections. It is highly recommended that the people charged with the cleaning responsibilities are suitably trained, and with GCM Cleaning NI you can rest easy knowing that you will always have the right staff member on site at all times and always trained to the standards that needed to carry out the job at hand.

We clean many public toilets for transport hubs and buildings.  We are often asked to clean all our client’s toilets as part of a cleaning service contract associated with there public toilet checking services to help lower the costs of our clients having to hire more staff for just this type of services that can prove to be a human resources nightmare.

One of the features of the last two years has been the approach by Councils to having their cleaning managed by GCM Cleaning NI Cutting there cost dramatically.